Rig Studio 2.2

New features of the update:

Human Ik Transfer Tool

Tool for fast creating HIK definitions. Now very fast and easy apply mocap animations to human rig.

Module Builder

Tool for creating new custom modules. Also, it helps edit existed modules and duplicate some modules for creating different variations.

Set Editor

Tool for fast and easy creating tree of the control sets. Now create hierarchical tree of the controls sets is very easy.

Parent Switch Tool

Tool for creating parent switches with any targets. Existed object space switcher working only with controls as a target.

Replace Feature

Now you can replace one module by another. The same parameters of the new module will be copied from the old.

Tree Module

New module for creating rig parts with multiple chains as branches or human fingers.

On the image above only one tree symmetrical module and one root module.

Simple Limb Module

New module for creating fast and simple arms and legs. This module has not soft stretching and elbow snapping as in the standard limb module. It very useful then needed to create many simple and fast characters.

And of course, in the new release, some bugfixes, and little module changes.