Rig Studio 2.1

Rig Studio 2.1 is out and now it has a free version.

Updates going not so fast as I want, and maybe if it will be free, later some others can create new modules. Tutorials about how to create custom modules is the next task. Also, I hope, what with free version this rig try to use more people.

new features:

- Cleared skeleton hierarchy, now skeleton has only joints.

- Skeleton has no joints in the same position.

When modules connected with snap options, joints that existed in the same place, removed as not used. When the snap is disabled, joint will be returned.

- New simple twists, they are working much faster than advanced twists.

- New simple foot module

It has a classic foot attribute on the main foot control.

- New lips2 module (in full version)

Three levels of controls. It has joints connected to nurbs surface on every lips edge loop.

Zip feature. Main cornerLip controls moving in any direction.

- New eyelids2 module (in full version)

It has joints connected to spline on every lid edge loop.

- Spine module can adjust any joints count

- Publish rig feature

This button removes all posers from the rig and it becomes uneditable. Performance will be the same, because posers not calculating when they are hidden, but file size gets smaller.

- Many bugfixes