Rig Studio is a python script for Maya. This tool helps riggers to make any type of rig.

The main features are: modularity, extensibility, and customization.


Rig Studio builds rigs from different modules. Besides standard arm, foot, tail, etc. there are many variations of them. For example, you can choose the module for the type of foot that is needed of your character.


Modules can be included in the system very easily.
Now the system has only basic modules, but later more will be added to the system.


Every module has the ability to be customized by the user. And more, you can create your own modules and include them into the system. You can easily duplicate existing modules and make some improvements to your needs.


After building the rig, you can use it on any computer without any plugins.
Rig Studio tool works in Maya version 2016 and up.


Modules are the core and philosophy of this rigging system. They can be easily added to the rig and connected in any combination. Also, modules can be combined in special compound modules and easily recreated. If some modules are not exactly what you want, you can edit them or make your own. Right now you can use internal RS modules to build the rig of humanoid, quadruped or similar characters.